Located at one of the most historical yet quiet streets in Georgetown, Penang. The dark and narrow street was the home to many budget hotels. We have never envisioned Love Lane would become how it is today one of the most happening streets in Penang.

As a coffee shop startup, bringing you great coffee experience is always our main goal. This year, we are expanding our bar team and kitchen team adding desserts menu and alcohol beverages. A chill night in Love Lane isn’t complete without a glass of cold beer, don’t you agree?

Seeing customers returning for the good food and good service really motivated us because your pleasant experience is always on top of our list. We believe in happy employees make happy customers. Providing a fun, lively, people-oriented workplace is our motto since the beginning.

Wheeler’s objective is to provide a flexible and comfortable space where suitable for most of the events. We wish no matter when you are looking for a quiet personal relaxing time, social gathering with friends or even a serious group discussion, a tranquil yet inspiring Wheeler’s is the first thought that pops into your head.